not dispose of

See: hold, possess
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Muttahida Qaumi Movement lawmaker Sheikh Salahuddin said the House could not dispose of several important agenda items due to the impasse over the FATA reforms issue.
That's the tough message to fly-tippers from Redcar & Cleveland Council, which have new powers to take action against people who do not dispose of household waste properly.
Unlike other Commission services, the JRC Geel does not dispose of a multidisciplinary team of permanent staff to address the psychosocial needs of its active population and retired staff living around in the region.
Ajman civil defence official called on all companies not dispose of rubbish randomly or smoke in these areas, and to adhere to environment, health and safety regulations, particularly during the summer.
The fines will be aimed at addressing habitual feeders and cafes and restaurants which do not dispose of waste food properly, he said.
4 out of 5 tribunals could not dispose of the cases for different reasons and their period was extended repeatedly.
He recalled that in year 2008 Passco had procured 200000 m/tons rice with prices higher than the prevailing market and even after 6 years they could not dispose of these stocks and ultimately the government had to face up to Rs 24 billion loss.
Concerning the argument of the doctors who opposed this bill and related to the lack of equipment in hospitals, the Minister recognised that some hospitals do not dispose of the necessary equipment.
The court while expressing regret remarked it could not dispose of this case.
11 April 2013 - US carmaker General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) will not dispose of its German unit Adam Opel AG and said it had decided to pour EUR4bn (USD5.
Do not dispose of your black and white set when you get a new model.
Many facilities do not dispose of sufficient resources for renovation and replacement of old equipment, while incentives for setting up fossil capacity are scarce.