not disputed

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The inquest heard that it was not disputed that she had drunk two glasses of wine earlier in the evening while babysitting at the
However, Turkish Minister Yildiz in 2010 noted: "There are places where the borders are not disputed.
The following additional matter of unfit conduct alleged by the Department in relation to Colin Thomas Millar and not disputed was:
James Gelsthorpe, prosecuting, said: "She was hit by the defendant and this is not disputed.
Whilst it is not disputed that the previous Labour government incurred the largest debt ever by any British government, not all due to the worldwide financial crisis, what would they have done if because of this, we lose out Triple A credit rating and the interest-only payments on this debt increased from pounds 1.
But current council figures, which are not disputed by the government, show schools spending is rising by pounds 1.
Lively debate continues over the fine details, but the central core of Darwin's theory is not disputed by any serious biologist, whatever their religious views happen to be.
But Judge Jacqueline Linnane said the accident was not disputed in court and awarded him EUR25,000.
He added that he had not disputed the right for a Muslim woman to wear the hijab.
Rather, they will be assigned "relatively simple cases," in which the taxpayer has not disputed a liability.
That the letter is of Pauline authorship is not disputed.