not domestic

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Her temper was uncertain--that he had noticed--and she was not domestic, and she was not easy, and she was not quiet, or beautiful, except in some dresses in some lights.
I'm not domestic, or very practical or sensible, really.
The black money law will deal with foreign assets and not domestic tax evasion, he had said.
Domestically, Wilson knew that if America was at war, Americans would ignore his ideas for reforming government -- of which he had plenty -- both because funding the war, not domestic programs, would be the priority, and because the nation's attention would be on military battles, not social or economic ones.
In the meantime, Deputy Interior Minister Yannis Panousis has already declared, "The EYP will concern itself only with international security, and not domestic security.
gun lobby, is opposed to ratification of the treaty, even though it only covers weapons exports, not domestic gun sales.
No, children are not domestic servants, nor should they be treated as such, but showing kids how to care for themselves, their finances, and their future homes is not placing a burden on them; it is teaching them the skills they will need to become self-sufficient and resilient adults.
It will be used in the Champions League, but not domestic football.
It was not domestic political revulsion at this roaming series of missions that led to Nato's strategic rethink, but Russian President Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea and threat to Ukraine.
are potentially at risk, not domestic flights within the United States, Fox News reports.
Gas cookers are designed for cooking, not domestic heating.
He is able to talk to foreign clubs, not domestic clubs.