not domestic

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Her temper was uncertain--that he had noticed--and she was not domestic, and she was not easy, and she was not quiet, or beautiful, except in some dresses in some lights.
I'm not domestic, or very practical or sensible, really.
Frederick Exton EVEN if this problem hits industry and not domestic users, it's still a major issue.
But the ban has not sat well with some Kuwait-bound OFWs, who claimed they should be exempted from the prohibition because they are professionals, not domestic helpers, and that there are no equivalent jobs in the Philippines that can match the salaries they expect to receive from their employers.
What I can tell you, it was not domestic in nature, like a husband/wife or boyfriend/boyfriend or love triangle, that was not the motive," Chicago police Detective Cmdr.
Suriname has requirements for enhanced due diligence procedures for foreign, but not domestic, PEPs.
If one takes a look at some of the political leaders gaining ascension across the globe, it does not give me comfort with respect to the Jewish community," he said, stressing that he was referring to foreign leaders and not domestic politicians.
The major source of infection in cattle is from worm eggs shed by wild dogs and foxes, not domestic dogs.
The lawmaker considered that Iran's decision regarding the disruption of the presidential election in Lebanon is still ongoing, accusing Hizbullah of disrupting the presidential elections due to foreign reasons and not domestic ones.
It was simply the need for NATO membership that persuaded the Kemalist elites to adopt multi-party elections in the late 1940s, not domestic civil pressure.
The black money law will deal with foreign assets and not domestic tax evasion, he had said.
Domestically, Wilson knew that if America was at war, Americans would ignore his ideas for reforming government -- of which he had plenty -- both because funding the war, not domestic programs, would be the priority, and because the nation's attention would be on military battles, not social or economic ones.