not eligible

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The news means that the spider is not eligible for protection under the Endangered Species Act, which imposes penalties for trafficking, harming or killing endangered species.
When I submitted my registration form at Abu Dhabi Indian School, I was told that my daughter is not eligible this year," said Augustine.
All current DBN clients and those that paid off their loans in the last 12 months are eligible to enter while clients who are in their grace periods and are in arrears, are not eligible. Previous winners are also not eligible for entry.
According to the decree, published in press on Saturday, Uzbek citizens of military age who are not eligible for a deferment from the draft will be called upon for military service in February-March.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Under the supervision of the Emirati Humanitarian Initiative to provide free treatment for one million poor children and elderly persons, a week-long camp will start in Sharjah tomorrow to provide free heart surgeries for poor patients who do not have insurance coverage and are not eligible for free treatment at government hospitals.
Therefore, she is not eligible to use OFLA for the stated purpose.
The Illinois General Assembly has amended the General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act of 1986, requiring not-for-profit corporations to inform their employees by written notice or in their employment contract that they are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.
This compared with 53% of those not eligible - a gap of 30%.
Those students who hold Malakand or Swat domicile but their address in the university is of some other city are not eligible for this concession.
They said that since Asif has not played any first class cricket from July last year, he was not eligible to sign the WADA code.
TCAP provides $2.25 billion in grants to state tax credit allocating agencies for capital investments in LIHTC projects, but HUD had determined that projects using only GO ZONE or other disaster credits are not eligible to receive TCAP funds.
Capital One Financial (NYSE: COF) is offering a USD500m credit card loan-backed deal that is not eligible for a Federal Reserve programme.