not elusive

See: tangible
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It would seem that happiness, in Jake's case, had been fleeting, if not elusive, despite having a successful career.
The examples from the United States and Norway suggest that workplace environments, which value employee whistleblowing and voice, are both laudable and not elusive.
Success not elusive for Kate QATAR Prix Marcel Boussac winner Elusive Kate was bought by Blandford Bloodstock for $70,000 at Keeneland last year from the dispersal of Robin Scully's Clovelly Farms.
The bad news is that the success of this strategy is highly dependent on an individual's immune characteristics and success has been inconsistent, if not elusive, especially in chronically infected patients.
As a matter of principle, the national goals of full employment, price stability and a steady economic growth with a balance of payments in equilibrium are not elusive at all.