not employed

See: unemployed
References in classic literature ?
The reader may wonder what was the trouble--why Mr Ferguson could not stalk out and brusquely dispose of his foe; but then the reader has not employed Master Bean for a month.
An idea occurred to him; he ran in search of a fagot in his bellringer's den, placed on this fagot a great many bundles of laths, and many rolls of lead, munitions which he had not employed so far, and having arranged this pile in front of the hole to the two gutters, he set it on fire with his lantern.
I wish you to understand, in the first place, that I am not employed by Lord Mount-James, and that my sympathies in this matter are entirely against that nobleman.
Our MPs should setting standard for employers STEVE Last night, Labour said that party staff are not employed on zero hour contracts and added that leader Ed Miliband will strengthen protection for workers who are.
An examination of resource use by married parents finds that married men spent more time working on an average weekday or weekend day on which they worked than did married women; regardless of their wives' employment status, married men were less likely to spend time in housework than wives who were not employed for pay
An employed woman is more likely to initiate a divorce than a woman who is not employed, but only when she reports being highly unsatisfied with the marriage.
Sixty-two (62) years of age or over and not employed
The taxi drivers are not employed by Kirklees Council and therefore should pay for the CCTV cameras out of their earnings.
While you are a registered or enrolled nurse, the Nurses Act 1991 applies to you, even if you are not employed as a registered or enrolled nurse.
I know you have served for 30 years in the police, but I can only assume you were not employed in the intelligence section.
83 reduction in dues a year a month [] Not employed [] FT student [] New grad within 6 mo.
A spokesman for County Durham and Darlington Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said Dr Parker was not employed at any of the Trust's hospitals which include Darlington Memorial and Bishop Auckland General.