not enslaved

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Those who are motivated by hunger for impact are not enslaved by immediate gratification.
The convention can also midwife an alternative political leadership that is not enslaved by our exploitative, oppressive, and decadent past.
There are profound challenges ahead - but plenty of opportunities to create a better way of life where we are not enslaved to futile work.
Fire safety systems (fire alarms and their enslavement, smoke evacuation devices, Subdivision and not enslaved evacuation)
The referendum, I think, is necessary in the sense that we must send a message to Europeans that the Greek people are not enslaved, we are no longer under occupation and I hope that they will take into consideration the loud 'No'," said Elias Papachadzis, a 49-year-old Athenian resident.
But democracy isn't wiped out, and ordinary people are not enslaved by the 1 percent.
At the end of the fifteenth century, Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) published another commentary to the Parmenides, one that is deeply indebted to Proclus but not enslaved to it.
Let's seize this opportunity to explain to people how and why Ayn Rand's ideas--her observation-based metaphysics and epistemology, her life-serving morality, and her rights-protecting politics--require phasing out Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, so citizens are not enslaved to each other; deregulating the economy, so producers can create wealth, jobs, and prosperity; eliminating barriers to immigration, so Americans can associate and contract with whomever they choose; ending regimes that seek to harm us, so we can live free from terrorism; in short, reestablishing the Land of Liberty, so Americans can exercise their moral right to the pursuit of happiness.
It is far easier to tell yourself, as an individual leader, that it is you who are not enslaved and harder still for you to consider what might happen if the people working for you decided that they want to be free
There is now a widening view that clinical practice should be informed by the evidence, but not enslaved by it.