not equate

See: differ, vary
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He said many also are against calls for Dr Zakir to be extradited back to India but this does not equate to saying his talks are suitable for Penang or Malaysia.
The new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently made funding promises for the NHS, though many will note the money he plans to spend does not equate to the PS350 million he promised while leading the Vote Leave campaign.
When I went to school my able teachers taught me that 650 certainly does not equate to 90,000.
Seek knowledge but recognize it does not equate to wisdom.'
Americans have an expectation that our military service academies attract the best and brightest but this report suggests that their academic and athletic success does not equate to instilling respect and honor, the hallmarks of American military service.
Technology modernization does not equate to digital transformation.
If incompetence and corruption in the administration is being brought to light and denounced, such action does not equate to an attempt to overthrow the government.
The report says that early Mandarin-English bilingual education is indeed necessary to strengthen Taiwan's international competitiveness, but people should not equate strengthening English education with making English an official language because they are not the same issue.
He stressed that the committee will not equate any academic qualification granted in this way, pointing out that the national committee's stance emanates from its adherence to the decree-law of its establishment and the organisational resolutions regulating its work as well as the ministerial decisions and the decisions of the GCC joint committees.
Being busy does not equate to being worthy in the eyes of the people around you.
MP Mohamed Abdo said that tourism revenues in Egypt are still small and do not equate to the industry's potential and resources.