not equate

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Ms Marney describes herself as a model and journalist, but her outburst does not equate to journalistic integrity.
In its order, the SHC stated that an act of revenge over personal enmity did not equate to an act of terrorism.
The Nasa and ODM leader should not equate fairness of an election to his being elected.
He must not equate coalition support fund with aid',stated Sharif.
In its order on Tuesday, the SHC stated that an act of revenge over personal enmity does not equate to an act of terrorism.
However that does not equate to the devastating all-time high of childhood obesity figures, a year after it launched a landmark plan to tackle the crises.
Duncan McReddie, defending, said: "The defence's position is that speed alone does not equate to dangerous driving.
Because dermatologic disease does not equate to moral degeneracy in reality, the frequent negative portrayal of certain dermatologic conditions in film has sparked controversy," the study stated.
Chita Nazal Matunog, medical oncologist of San Pedro Hospital said that the cancer fair invites cancer survivors and their caregivers to celebrate life as having cancer does not equate to a death sentence and that there is life after a diagnosis of cancer.
But the basic principle of international law says that the EEZ (exclusive economic zone) and the continental shelf do not equate with territories,' she said.
Moreover, Al-Hashel said that financial regulations are not adequate as they are geared towards the economy as a whole, adding that local banks are merely a component of the country's economy and stability there does not equate to economic growth.
Republican condemnation of Obama's concessions Kerry: We are still concerned over Iran We took out 98% of dangerous uranium and dismantled more than a quarter of the centrifuges AL DIYAR: People block roads demanding the resignation of the military court of cassation and overturning Samaha's verdict AL MOUSTAQBAL: Siniora: We will not allow the Black Shirts group to control our destiny ANNAHAR: March 14 calls on courts to stop work for ten minutes in protest against Samaha's case Shabtini: Michel Samaha is convicted and his release does not equate innocence R.