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Oh, Frankenstein, be not equitable to every other and trample upon me alone, to whom thy justice, and even thy clemency and affection, is most due.
NZNO needed to be professional, but not turn away when things were not equitable.
Mumtaz said that conventional way of litigation is not always favorable as it is time consuming, many a times not equitable, and may cause permanent damage to business relations.
We are a pragmatic bunch in the Further Education sector, but there are times when it's important to recognise when something simply is not equitable and impacts disproportionately on our community.
Furthermore, treatment of various stakeholders in the new BOC was not equitable.
The system is not equitable because it gives preference to foreign Arab wives and mothers over Western women because of the likelihood of an Arab women living in Saudi Arabia before marriage or over a longer period of time than a Westerner.
He said the support is not equitable according to what Somalians actually need to boost security and rebuild their country.
Moreover, although both rich and poor have an equal right to gamble, the burden on their personal economics is not equitable, as lower-income gamblers will often spend a larger percentage of their income on gambling and on the associated taxes.
This in itself is not equitable and is provocative.
Analyst Edmond Ademi says that the representation of Albanians in many sectors is not equitable but as this is a matter of security, this shows that the government is distrustful and does not take Albanians into consideration at all.
Humiliation and degradation are not equitable teaching tools, and do more harm than good as most people do not learn or perform well under emotional duress.