not established

References in classic literature ?
Had he not established schools and hospitals and liberated his serfs?
Pelagie for debt, and not established in London in a handsome house, with every comfort about you--you were in such a fury you were ready to murder your brother, you wicked Cain you, and what good would have come of remaining angry?
Spenlow made, still it was not established on a sufficiently strong basis to bear, without being shaken, such a blow as the sudden loss of its active manager.
Richard Gordon to terminate the proceedings and declare that President Duterte's links to the deaths was not established, and that the existence of the notorious Davao Death Squad was not established.
Identities of those killed in the special operation by Kyrgyz border guards in Pikertyk area on January 23 were not established yet, the Embassy of China in Bishkek told AKIpress on January 29.
Petar Culev, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stresses that according to the diplomatic dictionary there are no countries that are unrecognized or recognized but only countries with which we have or have not established diplomatic ties with.
Indeed, if trust and love are not established, dialogue can never mature to the point where it can deal effectively with the difficult issues that stand in the way of good human relations.
MSA has not established the RMDAS network simply to prove it can produce accurate information, the company's leaders are quick to point out.
18) Because the taxpayer had not established a determinable life for the roads and trails, depreciation was not allowable.
Finally, the act is not applicable to construction undertaken "in" and "around" the former World Trade Center, although specific boundaries are not established.
The European Commission announced on April 29 it was formally requesting Italy to tackle administrative delays in making VAT refunds to taxable persons not established in Italy.