not evident

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Is it not evident that a degree of local information and preparatory labor would be found in the several volumes of their proceedings, which would very much shorten the labors of the general legislature, and render a much smaller number of members sufficient for it?
Is it not evident, then, I ask you, that there will some day appear velocities far greater than these, of which light or electricity will probably be the mechanical agent?
It was not evident to her that Philip had observed her; but a pang of shame, under the sense of this concealment, made her move from her chair and walk to her mother's side to watch the game at cribbage.
Is it not evident that if the ether were affected to the degree which he maintains, and if it were obnoxious to human health, the result of it would already be apparent upon ourselves?" Here he laughed with uproarious triumph over his own argument.
"In truth, when we buy 500ml of shampoo, we're also buying a 500ml bottle, but the cost of that bottle is not evident.
Furthermore, it is not evident that the persons proposed by the Deutsche Balaton Group possess the necessary expertise and competences to be able to work on the Supervisory Board of a pharmaceutical company.
Today, we face the prospect of being put on the blacklist if concrete steps are not evident to what will undoubtedly be a sceptical FATF audience in June.
This probably is something that Alam might be doing for the first time but it is not evident from the way he presents it because entertaining audiences and making even the most boring content seem lively comes very naturally to him.
In infants who had never breastfed, this relationship was not evident. There was no correlation for smoking during lactation with any outcome variable.
Protective effects were not evident for other classes of osteoporosis treatments.
The revelation in your cover story, 'Africa's New Slave Trade' (New African, February 2018) that young Africans are being solid for a pittance in Libya may have shocked the international world but it is not evident that African leaders felt the pain of a dream turned mirage, if they were even if at all shocked.
It is not evident why the Twitter page was deactivated.