not evident

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Is it not evident, then, I ask you, that there will some day appear velocities far greater than these, of which light or electricity will probably be the mechanical agent?
It was not evident to her that Philip had observed her; but a pang of shame, under the sense of this concealment, made her move from her chair and walk to her mother's side to watch the game at cribbage.
Is it not evident that if the ether were affected to the degree which he maintains, and if it were obnoxious to human health, the result of it would already be apparent upon ourselves?
The island nation have lost eight and drawn one of their nine competitive meetings with Belgium but the one-sidedness of that record was not evident as Cyprus comfortably kept their opponents at bay.
It is not evident whether Tokyo will order new-build aircraft from Boeing, or refit 777-300ERs now in commercial service.
The sense of urgency at the highest levels of government over events in Syria is not evident with regard to the crisis facing disabled and sick people right here in the United Kingdom.
This balance was not evident earlier and meant that a rights issue would not have been as attractive at that time.
Interesting and unexpected collaborations have come and gone, including strong albums with Modest Mouse and The Cribs, and playing live with disco greats Chic, but that diversity is not evident here.
So far it is not evident that the new discoveries helped to shore up the budget deficit or boost foreign currency inflows.
The need to place suspected terrorists in a separate category is not evident.
Our forefathers promoted unity and respect and, sadly, in our society today this is not evident (among) many who call themselves proud Fijians," she added.
Seeking to bridge the gap between advocates and critics, they describe where educational transformation has or has not occurred, where the impact is or is not evident, and how the policy reforms have affected one of the largest national populations of students in the world, either through rhetoric or concrete change.