not evident

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Is it not evident that a degree of local information and preparatory labor would be found in the several volumes of their proceedings, which would very much shorten the labors of the general legislature, and render a much smaller number of members sufficient for it?
Is it not evident, then, I ask you, that there will some day appear velocities far greater than these, of which light or electricity will probably be the mechanical agent?
It was not evident to her that Philip had observed her; but a pang of shame, under the sense of this concealment, made her move from her chair and walk to her mother's side to watch the game at cribbage.
Is it not evident that if the ether were affected to the degree which he maintains, and if it were obnoxious to human health, the result of it would already be apparent upon ourselves?
It is not evident why the Twitter page was deactivated.
They have beaten Northern Ireland twice since June and in both games their dominance was not evident in the final scores of 1-0 and 2-0.
These vary and often are not evident before you put in your details for a "free estimate".
These regional functional changes were not evident with the use of non-cell seeded sutures.
There's some talk by Wassel in the author's note of "subverting stereotypes," and while it's not evident in this volume, between that intriguing statement and a classic cliff-hanger ending, part two can't come quickly enough.
Earlier, the President of Small Chamber Wali Muhammad maintained that the members of the Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry Quetta were not taken into confidence on this scheme due which the desired response from the traders is not evident.
He placed them in an order intended to bring out connections and themes that were perhaps not evident in their serial publication over a long period.
But that spirit and ability was not evident at all in the first half, so we have still got a lot of work to do on the training ground.