not expressed

See: implicit
References in classic literature ?
That charm was not expressed so much in his relations with him as with all his family and with the household.
Nevertheless, I must say that, little though you have put into your letter, that little is not expressed with rare beauty and grace.
The footman's answer, delivered at that moment, assumed an importance which was not expressed in the footman's words.
Perpetuity is implied, if not expressed, in the fundamental law of all national governments.
Monsieur Tarzan has not expressed himself," said one of the party.
Hath she not expressed this thought in the garb of the poor child, so forcibly reminding us of that red symbol which sears her bosom?
To justify their zeal in this matter, they allege two things: one is that, though the constitution of New York has no bill of rights prefixed to it, yet it contains, in the body of it, various provisions in favor of particular privileges and rights, which, in substance amount to the same thing; the other is, that the Constitution adopts, in their full extent, the common and statute law of Great Britain, by which many other rights, not expressed in it, are equally secured.
If he is not--' Here the irascible old gentleman gave a great knock on the ground with his stick; which was always understood, by his friends, to imply the customary offer, whenever it was not expressed in words.
Then, according to her custom, she rebuked herself for her pettishness and ingratitude and determined to make a reparation to honest William for the slight she had not expressed to him, but had felt for his piano.
The veselija is a compact, a compact not expressed, but therefore only the more binding upon all.
Where this tendency is not expressed, it is a case of artificially- arrested growth, or of disease, or of death.
Its revolt is not expressed public ally but unofficially it is said that the PM always is looking for something only to be away from the country when this date is marked.