not extinct

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Now, there was an old manor-house, where they no longer ate snails, they were quite extinct; but the burdocks were not extinct, they grew and grew all over the walks and all the beds; they could not get the mastery over them--it was a whole forest of burdocks.
The green slime on the rocks alone testified that life was not extinct.
It was evident that the fiery temper of the Baskervilles was not extinct in this their last representative.
Although 'Snakebite' did not comment on the Pipe incident, he hinted that dark arts on the oche were by not extinct.
0 TDI model but with diesel motors looking to become an endangered if not extinct species in the not too distant future it is the petrol options that are more likely to catch the car-buying public's eye.
Despite Qi and the local fishermen's certainty, Zoological Society of London senior research fellow Samuel Turvey told The Guardian it would take much more than just an alleged sighting to confirm that the baiji is not extinct.
And like most viewers who tuned in to watch the football at Euro 2016, I was surprised to learn that Neanderthals are not extinct as was thought, but are alive, well, and thriving in the dive bars of Marseille.
As Mary Harmer explained the football 'dinosaurs' are not extinct, but they are getting left behind in an increasingly changing world.
The name "Jabal Akhdar", which is Arabic for "Green Mountain", might be a bit puzzling, as the greenery was scarce, if not extinct.
EVROKO's secretary general Marios Karantonas said that the inglorious closing down of CY shows that thoughtlessness and incompetence in the management of critical issues is not extinct and said that the party will examine the decision of the European Commission to find who's to blame for the closing down of the company.
If we're not extinct in another 10 years, I hope to see human minds outperforming computers, not being replaced by them.
Closed sessions have been rare in modern times, but not extinct - unheard is not unheard of.