not extraordinary

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We have seen or heard of many extraordinary young men who never ripened, or whose performance in actual life was not extraordinary.
Is it not extraordinary that a burglary--and a burglar who had had some previous experience--should deliberately break into a house at a time when he could see from the lights that two of the family were still afoot?
Do her justice, ladies," he said; "is it not extraordinary that the daughter of an auctioneer should appear as well as she does?
It is not extraordinary to find the hallways of Egypt's shopping malls bustling with eager shoppers.
Presented in short; easily digested chapters written in plain English, embellished with simple line drawings and a sample of common color blindness tests commonly used in the school setting Seeing Color: It's My Rainbow, Too helps students having the condition appreciate that they are not extraordinary or inadequate, nor are they alone.
Ironically, I had just written an op-ed on the Cruzan case titled "Feeding is not Extraordinary Care" and I pointed out that if the withdrawal of food and water from people with severe brain injuries was accepted, the pool of potential victims would expand.
Speaking for the 'Actors on Actors' series, the 'Poker Face' hit-maker further said that she believes she is not extraordinary and her sole "purpose on this earth is to make people happy through and heal people through music.
Two hours to travel eight miles is a pain, but not extraordinary in London traffic.
It's not extraordinary, because of what she achieved on two wheels, but it's admirable.
The US and its allies and partners should now help the Chinese leadership in saving face, by emphasising that freedom of navigation operations are normal, not extraordinary," he said.
Amory's journey is pretty amazing, but it's not extraordinary.
The audio quality produced by the device is decent not extraordinary.