not extreme

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In the letter, Mr Smith wrote: "Most pupils dress appropriately and most have hairstyles that are not extreme.
Initial sour taste, not extreme but noticeable, rather like the taste of sherbert, followed by the fruity taste of strawberry.
Below is the breakdown of tax rates adjustments for cars under TRAIN: The DOF earlier flagged what it called "misleading social media and news reports" on the price increase of cars under TRAIN, and assured the public that there would be "no doubling of car prices" as the tax hike would be "moderate, not extreme.
He said the images were not extreme, as the earlier report claimed.
The difference in incubation temperature that caused the lower intelligence was not extreme - the colder group of six eggs was kept at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit while the warmer group of seven eggs was held at 86 degrees.
O'Heaney had] a very extreme reaction to a situation that to me was not extreme at all.
We are not extreme athletes and describe ourselves simply as passionate weekend warriors.
While admittedly stretched, those multiples are not extreme.
The paper is not extreme white but a lesser brightness, which is much easier on the eyes.
We think it's going to get hotter, it's about 43C and 44C at the moment, which is not extreme," he told the GDN.