not faulty

See: authentic, true
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If you are an asthma sufferer, it's a good time to make sure your inhaler is not faulty.
A FOR the first six months after the date of purchase it is for the retailer to prove goods are not faulty, not the consumer.
Consumers who buy online have additional rights that ensure them 14 days from the time of delivery to return the product for a full refund if it is not faulty, with some exceptions for items such as personalised products.
Boston coroner's court heard that the accident was down to human error as the device was not faulty and carried clear instructions and a warning on gas release during canister installation.
The incident comes as a surprise knowing that Samsung has not recalled the Galaxy Note 7 units it is selling in China because the South Korea giant said that the batteries in the handsets sold in the country were from a different supplier, so they are not faulty like the ones found in the international version of the phablet.
To those still in denial-and they include Bautista-who say that the culprit was human intervention and not faulty machines.
There is no automatic right for a consumer to get their money back if they have changed their mind about something they have just bought and the goods are not faulty.
Lord's teaching is not faulty, not imbalanced; it provides guidance in every inch of our life including anger and guarantees successful outcome.
99% were not faulty (bound to get the odd rogue system, but dealt with quickly).
The skis were almost new, the bindings were not faulty and the ski boots were fine.
com believes that all customers should be given a free trial before buying into a service and with such approach, customers are confident that the product / service that they choose is not faulty or wrong.