not fictitious

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Kimmel countered by insisting Mr Trump is not fictitious.
What we discovered was that most people actually want more rather than less capital, and they want their capital to be real and not fictitious.
Although the basic narrative behind Ezra-Nehemiah may be fictitious, the act of reading and teaching the Torah as described in Nehemiah 8 is not fictitious but "is a reflection of the practiced liturgy of the fourth century" (p.
55 crore was an investment the DDCA made in the companies as they were giving us better returns, and these are not fictitious companies.
Those who understand the importance and cherish the historic understanding of religious freedom are grateful for leaders who respond to fact and not fictitious claims of those who are trying to quarantine faith within the walls of our churches or homes.
And regarding attempts to halt Iran's nuclear weapons program, Putin's helpfulness, if not fictitious, has been ineffective.
These are real people on the show, they're not fictitious creations; since when is it acceptable to say such vicious things about someone you've never met simply because you don't like their hair or their accent or the way they enjoy themselves?
In my world, there is only room for facts and truth, and not fictitious entities.
Christa Carone added: "This deals with changes in time and allocation of revenue, not fictitious actions, accounting or phony revenue.
The court, however, dismissed their argument, saying that the funds were actually transferred between the bank and the firms and thus the transactions were not fictitious.
I want my sentence to be real, not fictitious," she said.
Both have turned out to be flimsy, if not fictitious.