not fitting

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I wonder if Roy Spilsbury would please advise his members of the real danger of not fitting bells?
Both companies have recently reviewed their estates - with the stores being sold identified as not fitting with future strategy.
Given the historic segregation of popular country music, its community expectations of the random Black performers who achieved success (Country Music Hall Of Famer Charley Pride's understandable reticence at becoming a race man comes to mind), and hip-hop's general suspicion of anything not fitting in the few spaces it has managed to carve out, Troy's seamless blend of Will Smith-flavored party jams, bilingual tejano heaters and pop country sonics make a political statement as dense as any Master's thesis could.
Despite a few emotional scars from the youthful trials and tribulations of not fitting in, I always knew this queer perspective was my strength.
Bowater's defence counsel argued the penalty is not fitting of the offense saying the company followed the correct guidelines of the Forestry Act The company has 60 days to pay the fine or 30 days to appeal the judgment.

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