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Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Jan 7 (ANI): An assistant dance teacher of Chaitanya Techno School was held in Hyderabad's Rachakonda on Sunday for allegedly thrashing class fourth students for not following his instructions.
The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has expressed concern at universities not following the commission's plagiarism policy by not taking action on plagiarism complaints against their faculty.
He said that motorists not following these directions would be issued fine tickets or their vehicles would be impounded.
He said, government has imposed restriction on the sale purchase of animals in residential and other areas, but despite of that some persons are not following the law.
Besides not following the decision with respect to the retroactivity of rulings, the IRS also stated that it will not follow the case on the larger issue of determining whether a taxpayer is entitled to a particular tax treatment because of a claim of disparity with respect to an allegedly similarly situated taxpayer, whether or not the taxpayers applied for or received rulings on their respective positions.
But Mallett said yesterday: "If you are talking about speculation that the captain is not following the coach, or that the players are not following the captain, this is absolutely not true.
1 : not following custom or rule <Her methods are most irregular.
Of course, they don't mention that the study this statistic came from has been discredited for not following scientific procedures, or that the author of the study, Arthur Kellerman, has admitted the study was flawed.
This is good escape literature for girls who like Seventeen and yet need a role model who insists on not following the crowd.
When entering a NIIN any preceding zeros not following another number may be omitted.
Remember that HIV-expert physicians may have good reason for not following the guidelines in some cases.