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She did not for one moment anticipate that it would have such an effect that a young child would be taken to hospital.
I do not for one moment think that this was an intentional reference to the Nazi abomination.
Not for one moment am I going to claim this to be the be all and end all of handling excellence.
Everyone knows that Israel has not for one moment halted the settlement construction, the building of the (separation) wall or the attacks, and nor has it allowed the opening of (Palestinian) institutions in (Arab east) Jerusalem," he complained.
Not for one moment did Derbyshire's visit threaten to end the soporific sequence.
Asked if he thought that Gordon Brown should step aside, Mr Prescott replied: "No I don't, not for one moment.
But I have not for one moment thought about England not qualifying for Germany, I cannot allow myself to think that way.
And not for one moment are we fooled by this "fairytale ending.
NOT for one moment did Lawrence Dallaglio fear England would lose their thrilling World Cup final.
As a Canadian and as a Catholic, I do not for one moment wish to impose my moral code on anyone, nor do I wish to deny any woman the "right" to choose to have an abortion, but by the same token I should not be denied the right to refuse to pay or permit any portion of my tax dollars to pay for any expenses related to therapeutic abortions.
I'm not for one moment finding that you were directly involved in those matters.
But the white heat of our anger should not for one moment deflect us from what needs to be done.