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And Currin's technique, stiff but more than adequate, dry but not fussy, betokens too much effort for the sake of mere snide laughter.
But a veteran sergeant with psychotic tendencies (Scott Glenn) is determined to root out corruption and is not fussy how much violence he has to use, especially when Elwood takes up with his rebellious daughter Robyn (Anna Paquin).
According to the catalog, Coreopsis are easy to care for and are not fussy about soil type.
There may be a little constipation, maybe a little bit of jaundice, but these are not fussy babies," he said.
Small arms are not fussy about the company they keep," states the video's narrator.
The perfect centerpiece for outdoor dining suits the spirit and nature of entertaining outside; it's elegant but casual, beautiful but not fussy This centerpiece--low, outdoor-friendly and easy to make--fills the bill.
The multi-user version of ideaList is netbios compatible, so it is not fussy about network hardware or software, and it works in a peer-to-peer fashion (i.
We're not fussy whether people get the idea from one of our brochures or an advertisement in a magazine or a poster in a store as long as the light bulb turns on.
It's not fussy about soil and grows in sun or shade.
Lilacs are not fussy as to soil, but do grow and bloom better if ground limestone is given once or twice a year.
Tony Phillips: Only have standing for the lower sections on all four stands, too many idiots to have it in the upper sections in grounds Al Avfc Morley: All up for standing, not fussy where I stand Tom Fielding: All lower tiers only should be standing, better for view and atmosphere UTV Graham Lightning: Sweet, would that mean cheaper tickets?
All of the popular varieties are easy to grow and are not fussy about soil type.