not genuine

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Johnson and others, who had dared to say in their time that the poems of Ossian were not genuine lays of the Gaelic bard, handed down from father to son, and taken from the lips of old women in Highland huts, as Macpherson claimed.
With regard to the merchants, however, one of them says pertinently that a great part of their failures are not genuine pecuniary failures, but merely failures to fulfil their engagements, because it is inconvenient; that is, it is the moral character that breaks down.
Everything in a people that is not genuine, not its own by origin or development, is--well--dirt
Not genuine, of course; but where can you get genuine Chippendale now, and who knows it when they see it?
Zachary Chege, director general of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, announced on Tuesday that job vacancies being circulated on social media are not genuine.
This means that kindergartens teaching English are not genuine kindergartens, but private language institutes.
If they are all recent it could be a sign they are not genuine.
If they are all recent could be a sign they are not genuine.
If you receive a message like this delete it and call your bank, using a number from a bank statement or a verified source, to check that the message was not genuine.
He said, Most products on the market contribute towards the spread of skin cancer because they are not genuine.
Branko Geroski in Sloboden pecat comments that the European progress report prepared for Macedonia is filled with poor assessments for the situation in the country, and the recommendation for starting the accession negotiations for EU membership is not genuine, because it will be discussed after the early elections.
When he tried to pay for the third time with another counterfeit e1/450 bill, the hotel employee realised it was not genuine and gave it back to him, alerting Famagusta CID.