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Johnson and others, who had dared to say in their time that the poems of Ossian were not genuine lays of the Gaelic bard, handed down from father to son, and taken from the lips of old women in Highland huts, as Macpherson claimed.
With regard to the merchants, however, one of them says pertinently that a great part of their failures are not genuine pecuniary failures, but merely failures to fulfil their engagements, because it is inconvenient; that is, it is the moral character that breaks down.
She was very showy, but she was not genuine: she had a fine person, many brilliant attainments; but her mind was poor, her heart barren by nature: nothing bloomed spontaneously on that soil; no unforced natural fruit delighted by its freshness.
Everything in a people that is not genuine, not its own by origin or development, is--well--dirt!
Not genuine, of course; but where can you get genuine Chippendale now, and who knows it when they see it?
In the petition, Mr Ngari had argued that the bill was procured through deceit and illegalities since the signatures, which had been verified by IEBC, are not genuine.He argued that the uniformity of the signatures raises the question of authenticity and reliability of the signed forms and that it was impossible to verify the signatures because the electoral body does not have a repository of specimen signatures for comparison.
The Janji Manismu singer learnt that the jewellery received after she was crowned the champion of the programme were not genuine after having them appraised at a jewellery shop.
Guevarra added BI officer John Peter Chua intercepted Gbansouvi and confirmed with Canadian authorities that the Togolese national's ETA was not genuine.
He said that change has started with the inception of development projects in Karachi adding that no master plan was made since for 11 years while an earlier master plan was not genuine. The PTI MPA said that 'we are going to make a master plan of international standard.'
"These are not genuine and residents must not give out personal details - especially bank details - to unknown sources."
SAJID Javid has been slammed for suggesting migrants using small boats for risky Channel crossings are not genuine asylum seekers.
If the message is not genuine, report it to the IT Service Desk or forward the message to