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The lecturers did not give grounds for the strike,' it said, adding they have been having negotiations.
Frail and weak we are, but God does not give up on us, so we, too, should not give up on ourselves and on one another.
al-Abadi said in a speech to the Iraqi community in America, according to a statement by his office, said that Anbar is under great pressure by the IS, and we have thousands of young people who are fighting with us from Anbar , I say to the sons of Anbar, Haditha and Amiriyat al-Fallujah and other regions that have withstood that I will not give up you, and I will stand with you, and victory will be for Iraq and Iraqis.
He did not give up to attain the happiness that he and his five-year-old son deserved.
Contract is the content and conceptual development and support of the campaign not give AIDS a CHANCE.
It concluded that women's choice about where to give birth "remains an aspiration, not a reality", after one in 10 of those polled said they did not give birth in their intended location for reasons including a lack of staff and beds.
Motorists who do not give priority to pedestrians on designated crossings are fined Dhs500 and get six black points.
If you do not give 14 days notice you can be penalised by forfeiting salary earned during the pay period current at the time of resignation, however this clause also stipulates that you cannot forfeit more than 14 days pay.
Summary: Barack Obama has urged supporters to not give up on their dreams of change as he accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for President.
Summary: The report did not give a timeline for the investment plans by cash-rich Qatar, which has been on an international acquisitions spree.
We have the right to not give our name, but we are not giving up on the EU and NATO either.
In a reciprocal move, we are not giving fuel to the airlines of countries which do not give fuel to our airlines," he said.

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