not happy with private school, break contract

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Country: United States of America
State: California

My child attends a private religious school located in North Hills, CA. I signed a tuition contract at the beginning of the year that states if I pull my child out before the end of the school year I must pay the remainder of the tuition--If I did not sign the agreement my child would not be able to attend the school. I would like to pull my child out because she is extremely unhappy and unable to fit in. This has affected her emotionally. She has been depressed and cries regularly. The school is very small and the children have grown up together and formed strong bonds. I want to send her to a public school where there is more diversity. I plan to leave my youngest child in the school to finish out the year for she is having no problems. I would like to know if I can get out of this contract without having to pay the remainder of the tuition.


You can argue the school has not done its job properly etc.--we doubt they would really is bad publicity-
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