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Others likes Shay Given, Stephen Ward, Kevin Doyle and Paul McShane haven't played much football - not idea for O'Neill.
Sources said that Anthony was blindsided, he had not idea things were so serious and was hurt.
Another neighbour, 54, added: "I've not idea who the man is but there's been plenty of rumours.
Unique, in material alone, if not idea, was Swiss sculptor/engineer Heinz Aeschlimann's darkly mysterious Piramide Fuso (2007).
This year they thought the sky was like a ceiling, still felt satisfied with eight or sixteen crayons, had not idea that light hits everything along one side, that shadows huddle under fruit and basketballs, that everything converges, disappears in one small dot at the world's edge.
Support for innovation and leadership style predict implementation (and not idea suggestion) (confirming H2).
I've got not idea how old I was - it would be a very early memory.
No slide tackling were not idea and do need them to atmosphere derby?
He said that the Internet had opened up the possibilities which the agency had not idea about around 10 years back.
There were rumours earlier in the season, but I've not idea how close I was.
Muhammad Aslam, father of deceased Rickshaw driver while talking to a private TV channel said that he had not idea that his son could take such extreme step.
I didn't really give the decision a second thought - I knew straight away that I wanted the place, although that I had not idea about the area, schools etc.