not identical

See: distinct
References in classic literature ?
There must be a difference between the content of a thought and what it is about, since the thought is here and now, whereas what it is about may not be; hence it is clear that the thought is not identical with St.
The remembering occurs now, and is therefore necessarily not identical with the past event.
More species than one were present, but the main part belonged to a kind very similar to, but not identical with, the common English Colias edusa.
I reply, then, they are not identical with those of Mr.
As the standards for the imported poultry are not identical to European standards, AVEC is strongly advocating compulsory labelling that shows the origin of poultry meat in further processed products and on the menus of restaurants, thus allowing customers to make an informed choice.
Macedonia's geopolitical relevance is not identical to that of Bulgaria, he says, and, sadly or perhaps fortunately, it does not have a decisive role in the South Stream project either.
So it is because we know the essence of a bronze statue that we know it is not identical with the lump of bronze that occupies the same space and is made of the same molecules of bronze.
Therefore, the issues to be decided in this case, while similar, are not identical to the previous case.
We've grown up believing we're not identical," said Ms Atha.
According to the study by University of Liverpool, showing toddlers similar but, importantly, not identical actions can actually help them understand what a verb refers to.
The girls, who are not identical, were delivered by caesarean with Rowan arriving first at 11.
Furthermore, most state constitutions have similar, if not identical language.