not identical

See: distinct
References in classic literature ?
There must be a difference between the content of a thought and what it is about, since the thought is here and now, whereas what it is about may not be; hence it is clear that the thought is not identical with St.
The remembering occurs now, and is therefore necessarily not identical with the past event.
More species than one were present, but the main part belonged to a kind very similar to, but not identical with, the common English Colias edusa.
I reply, then, they are not identical with those of Mr.
He said that issues would emerge in case principles of decisions were not identical.
She believes that there are no special reasons for the fact that the Ratko Mladic verdict is not identical to the punishment of his two officers, and therefore it is expected that the sentence will be lifelong.
We are the best Michigan when we are a diverse Michigan one that is made up of people whose stories and journeys are not identical.
Personally, I agree with the Constitutional Court's conclusion that (the statuses are) not identical.
Some time ago twin boys were born, Not identical and different it was shown, One was delicate and smaller you see, He needed more attention and help constantly.
But I would like na it's not identical to the animated one.
Biosimilars are similar to generic drugs, but they are made with living organisms and are not identical to the complex compounds that they replicate.
A similar, if not identical sentence was recently given to another person with offending history at Mold Crown Court in October 2015.