not imaginary

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That the dangers apprehended from the grizzly bear, at this night encampment, were not imaginary, was proved on the following morning.
25/min COUNT ON NEW PALS Gemini May 22 to June 21 The equinox brings you some new friends, real ones, not imaginary onesriends who have some solutions for you.
Still, the link between Islam and violence is not imaginary, and it should not be ignored simply because it is painful and regrettable to admit.
Now I'm interested, because I know that my responsibility as a citizen is real, not imaginary.
Egan concludes that although sexualization is not imaginary or harmless, the cultural meme of girls being tragically corrupted is more popular than its level of truth warrants and deserves scrutiny.
is not imaginary after all, as some doctors have believed.
He called on the foreign sides to offer logical suggestions, based on the reality of the ground, not imaginary suggestions, in order to come out of the crisis peacefully.
It is very much being developed in partnership with our industrial partners, so it will be about real problems and real industrial scenarios and learning about real things, not imaginary situations, where the students' maths and science skills will be applied.
These risks are not imaginary - they are very, very real," he said.
Real carry-over monies, not imaginary possible winnings, excites punters but greyhound racing has never run anything to match the success of horseracing's Scoop6.
I am ashamed to speak of the Iraqi support (to refugees), and we have told the Iraqi government that these citizens are Iraqis and they are suffering from real not imaginary conditions," he added.