not imaginary

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That the dangers apprehended from the grizzly bear, at this night encampment, were not imaginary, was proved on the following morning.
Perry is ignoring the fact that FERC is an independent agency tasked with listening to stakeholders to fix actual problems with the grid, not imaginary ones that only benefit a few uncompetitive industries - namely coal and nuclear.
When the call of almost all the people after the conflict ended was for true not imaginary peace, (aka CFA) and reconciliation, out comes Ranawaka deliriously beating communal drums.
I could go around finding beer, not imaginary cartoon characters.
1 Not imaginary, actual (4); 2 The definite article (3); 3 Establishment for lodging (5); 4 Flower with orange or golden head (8).
I wonder what our grandfathers would have said if they had been invited to take their place in a theatre in the very middle of Birmingham and been told that, without leaving their seats, they could see, not imaginary scenes, but real events and live persons taking part in these events in the most remote and distant parts of the world.
25/min COUNT ON NEW PALS Gemini May 22 to June 21 The equinox brings you some new friends, real ones, not imaginary onesriends who have some solutions for you.
Still, the link between Islam and violence is not imaginary, and it should not be ignored simply because it is painful and regrettable to admit.
Now I'm interested, because I know that my responsibility as a citizen is real, not imaginary.
Egan concludes that although sexualization is not imaginary or harmless, the cultural meme of girls being tragically corrupted is more popular than its level of truth warrants and deserves scrutiny.
Unlike the "nice warm Judaism of the weekend" practiced in America, Judaism in Israel is "real and not imaginary.
He called on the foreign sides to offer logical suggestions, based on the reality of the ground, not imaginary suggestions, in order to come out of the crisis peacefully.