not immediate

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References in classic literature ?
It was, perhaps, owing to this circumstance, in addition to the necessity of keeping every hand employed at the paddles, that the Hurons had not immediate recourse to their firearms.
The heads of the many fashionably attired women present were busily laid together, and their whispers became so loud that the judge angrily threatened to have the court cleared if there was not immediate silence.
A man that we saw this minute dumb, and, as it were, stupid and confounded, would the next minute be dancing and hallooing like an antic; and the next moment be tearing his hair, or pulling his clothes to pieces, and stamping them under his feet like a madman; in a few moments after that we would have him all in tears, then sick, swooning, and, had not immediate help been had, he would in a few moments have been dead.
However, while moves are being made to manage the impact of inheritance tax, it must be noted that the latest changes are not immediate, and will be introduced in 2017 and staggered thereafter.
Remedial action was taken only after ASIC intervened and notably in each case, such action was not immediate and often took many months to occur.
It is not immediate - they discuss it here, open up the channels of communication, they make sure it is a profitable endeavour and then they make a decision on the next schedule which works on seasons.
There are a lot of potential revenue opportunities, however these are long term, not immediate.
Why did you say, "Of course, it is better if the shower is given by friends and not immediate family''?
Chief Inspector Andy Huddleston said: "All dogs involved have been secured and there is not immediate danger to the public.
This effectively means a further grace period for even these few varsities as their denotification is not immediate - they will have ample opportunity to explain their position.
Becchio replaced the injured Revell after 38 minutes through injury but his impact was not immediate.
But ensuring every little detail is covered can seem a bit of a chore, especially for issues that are not immediate or an everyday essential.