not immediate

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References in classic literature ?
It was, perhaps, owing to this circumstance, in addition to the necessity of keeping every hand employed at the paddles, that the Hurons had not immediate recourse to their firearms.
The heads of the many fashionably attired women present were busily laid together, and their whispers became so loud that the judge angrily threatened to have the court cleared if there was not immediate silence.
A man that we saw this minute dumb, and, as it were, stupid and confounded, would the next minute be dancing and hallooing like an antic; and the next moment be tearing his hair, or pulling his clothes to pieces, and stamping them under his feet like a madman; in a few moments after that we would have him all in tears, then sick, swooning, and, had not immediate help been had, he would in a few moments have been dead.
All things are possible but certainly not immediate and right now I am focused on Paris and the French," he added.
AoThe sensitive list is like a limited list in which the reduction of tariff is longer, or the reduction is not immediate to give the industry the time to adjust,' Manzano told the BusinessMirror.
Results are usually not immediate, and the effects for this condition are cumulative.
That's (the purchase) not immediate, but we have our investors, and there are other vehicles to raise money through loans or through shares, but that won't happen now," the CEO said.
I hope most of them go back to a warm home every day - a place where they feel loved, secure, accepted, where they can share the issues of their day and receive warm counsel, not immediate negative reactions and judgments.
This scale ranged from very small to very large for the magnitude of the challenge and not immediate to very immediate for the immediacy of the challenge.
And while all patients deserve a rapid, if not immediate, response to all forms of therapy (topical, phototherapy, systemic, and yes, biologic agents), a few weeks' delay for an appropriate quality response with long-term safety over the lifespan of a psoriasis patient should not be a major problem for patients, if they are properly educated.
The Magnificent Losers" tells the too little retold stories of great leaders, well known and obscure, who helped left behind not immediate victory, but immortal legend.