not immediate

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It was, perhaps, owing to this circumstance, in addition to the necessity of keeping every hand employed at the paddles, that the Hurons had not immediate recourse to their firearms.
The heads of the many fashionably attired women present were busily laid together, and their whispers became so loud that the judge angrily threatened to have the court cleared if there was not immediate silence.
A man that we saw this minute dumb, and, as it were, stupid and confounded, would the next minute be dancing and hallooing like an antic; and the next moment be tearing his hair, or pulling his clothes to pieces, and stamping them under his feet like a madman; in a few moments after that we would have him all in tears, then sick, swooning, and, had not immediate help been had, he would in a few moments have been dead.
There had been an inexplicable delay in bringing the case to court and he had not re-offended in the last two years Hughes was considered a medium risk of serious harm to children but that risk was not immediate and if he undertook specialised treatment to tackle his "distorted attitudes" then the risk would be reduced.
Speaking to the press, after leaving an audience with President Joao Lourenco, the leader of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal said that in politics, sometimes small steps tend to give great results, not immediate, but in the medium term.
However, Barcelona's plans 'are not immediate' for Merino and they will continue to monitor his progress next season.
He added: "The outstanding issues, especially the services, need quick action, if not immediate, in order to deliver a message to the people that the government steps are going to move in the right direction without delay, or we will also witness mass demonstrations in most provinces." It is mentioned that Saairun Bloc called, in a binding, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and his cabinet to attend in the House of Representatives to show the stages of completion in the government program./ End
The 120-day grace period till October 1, when the Sh1,000 note will be rendered an illegal tender ensures no financial shortfalls are occasioned in the cash flow that would trigger inflation since the withdrawal is not immediate unlike in India in 2016, where the withdrawal of 500 and 1000-rupee banknotes from its financial system was an overnight surprise.
The ban on sanctions longer than six months is not immediate and has only been promised by the end of this year.
The analyst sees the selloff as an "opportunity for longer-horizon investors for several reasons." The exclusion is not immediate, and will also have little impact on Ingrezza sales as Express Scripts accounts for less than 1% of the drugs revenue, Duncan writes.
"The Lebanese Forces Party supports making bold decisions for the benefit of the nation and the people," he went on, stressing that "citizens' supreme interest lies in adopting long-term measures and not immediate interests that could lead to the country's bankruptcy." "We have to deal with matters responsibly, giving priority to the annual budget and to reducing the state's deficit through austerity," the Labor Minister corroborated.
'The effect of consuming such tomatoes is not immediate but gradual.