not important

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References in classic literature ?
Is, I assure you," said the spy; "though it's not important.
Though it's not important," repeated Carton, in the same mechanical way--"though it's not important--No, it's not important.
So serious that I must take leave of you for a few days; so," added he, turning to Renee, "judge for yourself if it be not important.
The rest of the conversation which passed at the visit is not important enough to be here related.
Then he turned to the Woozy and said: "I'm afraid you are not important enough to be introduced to the Sawhorse, after all.
Is it not important to know the exact position of affairs?
You may say at Bentley's- -but that is not important.
For our purposes, it is not important to determine what exactly is the sensational core in any case; it is only important to notice that there certainly is a sensational core, since habit, expectation and interpretation are diversely aroused on diverse occasions, and the diversity is clearly due to differences in what is presented to the senses.
It is not important that he should mature as soon as an apple tree or an oak.
I don't think I did blush--at all events, it was not important if I did--and I said my present fortune perfectly contented me and I had no wish to change it.
The question and my answer were not important for Russia - it was just an English thing.
Because it's not important that if somebody else has not given you those gifts you can't buy it yourself.