not inclined

See: reluctant
References in classic literature ?
When he shut the door, mounted the box with the coachman, and they drove off, the little girlfound herself seated in a comfortably cushioned corner, but she was not inclined to go to sleep again.
It was a sordid business, and I was not inclined to trouble myself with it further.
Indeed, senora," said Sancho, "I never yet drank out of wickedness; from thirst I have very likely, for I have nothing of the hypocrite in me; I drink when I'm inclined, or, if I'm not inclined, when they offer it to me, so as not to look either strait-laced or ill-bred; for when a friend drinks one's health what heart can be so hard as not to return it?
My niece is a very exceptional person, and I am not inclined to sit still while she throws herself away on those who will not appreciate her.
He was not inclined to cry, and did not feel that Maggie's grief spoiled his prospect of the sweets; but he went and put his head near her, and said in a lower, comforting tone,--
Elinor was not inclined, after a little observation, to give him credit for being so genuinely and unaffectedly ill-natured or ill-bred as he wished to appear.
Devil take it," he muttered to himself, "don't let me betray my secrets to a man not inclined to entertain them.
Dinah saw she was not inclined to talk, but there would not have been time to say much more, for they were now at the yard-gate.
Then I may positively say that your honor is not inclined to favor King Charles II.
We had been robbed of all the fine mountain scenery on our little journey by a system of railroading that had three miles of tunnel to a hundred yards of daylight, and we were not inclined to be sociable with Florence.
How much of the unbeliever's story he might safely believe he did not know; but as it afforded him an excuse for deserting the village and making for the north he was not inclined to cross-question the Belgian too minutely.
Yet was the bear not inclined to fight, for he turned away and made off slowly over the ice.