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Feet Palaeozoic strata (not including igneous beds)..57,154 Secondary strata................................13,190 Tertiary strata..................................2,240
Continental United States and Canada fares start at USD38 one-way, not including taxes and charges, and international fares start at USD77 one-way, not including taxes and charges.
1 : the thick main stem of a tree not including the branches and roots
State companies not including electricity company PLN are predicted to chalk up Rp81.2 trillion in net profit in 2008 up 13.4% from the previous year, an official said.
But Amedeo only looks at journals--and only offers a choice of about 50 of them for all the medical specialties together (not including PLOS Medicine, for example, as of December 2006).
I WAS talking to an Irish League boss this week after the Newry City registration controversy when he revealed that IFA rules specify that a new player has to be signed "12 days - not including Sundays - before Irish Cup ties."
The report characterized 2002 as the "Year of Retail," with transaction activity almost tripling to $21.5 billion, not including the $5.3-billion dismantling of the Rodamco mall portfolio.
Very-low-birth-weight men are less likely than control miles to report ever having violated a law, not including traffic laws.
Net earnings increased to $822,000 in the current quarter from a net loss of $281,000, not including $412,000 of after tax amortization expense associated with goodwill, last year.
Most black organizations report, however, that they spend from $500,000 to over $1 million on meeting costs, not including what their members spend.
Charitable contributions (not including education and health) [+ or -] 15
A tort is generally a civil wrong (not including a breach of contract) for which a court will provide a remedy in the form of an action for damages.