not indigenous

See: alien, foreign
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Strictly this word is not indigenous to the whale's vocabulary.
Networked integration focuses on delivering unique core competencies, supported by enabling competencies that are not indigenous to health care, such as computing, digital imaging, and telecommunications.
Palestinians, in other words, were not indigenous people displaced by Zionist settlement, as they had always claimed, but newcomers who arrived en masse only after Jews had made the region prosperous.
Mestizo, Ladino, call it what you will, it is not indigenous.
We used conifers quite often in large monocultures where they were not indigenous or did not fit the site.
It probably has one of the highest recognition factors of any firearm not indigenous to this country.
Locals were skeptical because monkeys were not indigenous to New Zealand.
With reference to the letter from Ian Pyke (December 16), penguins are not indigenous to the South Pole.
And that reverting back is you just pretend that you're not Indigenous and you try to blend in as much as you can, so that you don't create too many .
Some of these fruits are native to Cyprus, others are not indigenous.
My research since has been concerned with trying to theorise Indigenous experience in a way that does not succumb to the binaries and simple choices or contests between Indigenous or not Indigenous Australians.