not indigenous

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Strictly this word is not indigenous to the whale's vocabulary.
Chopin, who conducted a comprehensive analysis of the region, knowing exactly that the Armenians are not indigenous people, said it would be correct to call them "residents living before" (that is, before the signing of the Treaty of Turkmenchay)," he said.
Depictions of tigers were not very realistic as tigers are not indigenous in Japan.
Just because a tree is not indigenous to Cyprus does not mean it should be cut down and this practice has to stop," he said.
It has been cultivated for decades in the minds of the Myanmar people that the Rohingya are not indigenous to the country and therefore have no rights whatsoever to which they can apparently claim," Lee said.
The plant Jatropha curcas, although not indigenous, is found in the northern and eastern parts of SA.
He said, 'Though India through its military might is already hell bent on suppressing our freedom movement, now it is harassing the resistance leadership by accusing it of receiving funds from foreign countries to spread terror in the territory thereby giving an impression that the freedom movement of Kashmir is not indigenous.
If you're going to cover Indian Country, cover it as a place and allow the stories to take you where they take you instead of coming with pre-conceived ideas," says APTN's Barrera, who is not indigenous.
Building a relativized / sensitive glance at these issues in indigenous health care is fundamental (17), mainly due to existing cultural differences, for example at CASAI, a place where the caregiver is usually not indigenous.
Asparagus is not indigenous to the Americas " it was brought over by Europeans " so wherever it is found in the wild here, it has been scattered by the four winds from the seeds in some early settlers' gardens.
The Killer whales, also known as orca, are not indigenous to Omani waters and sightings are very rare.
Although not indigenous foodstuff, we can affirm Cabanatuan's carabao's-milk ice cream is one-of-a-kind.