not integrated

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Abadi said as presided today in Basra, the supreme body for coordination between the provinces which not integrated within a province meeting " It is necessary to create a balance between the center and the provinces as well as the creation of a suitable ground as soon as possible to deliver powers to the provinces.
He added that the niqab was not integrated in Syrian society to begin with.
Iran's economy was not affected by the financial crisis because it was not integrated with the world financial markets," Hosseini said.
Too often, though, these children are not integrated into settings where they can learn and interact with their normally developing contemporaries.
However, small production is usually not integrated, providing less opportunity for controlling product quality, including food safety, as in large-scale, integrated production.
Sue Kennedy from Escape, said: "This was a group of people some of whom were involved with substance misuse and not integrated into the community.
Microsoft already has a speech recognition application for Windows Mobile devices but to date it has not integrated this technology into search.
While we do have two variants of our system in the field today tone uses line of sight radio, one uses satellite communication), and they are not integrated into one "box," they are compatible with one another.
REGARDING the completion of 20 benches at Hope Street and Mount Street ("pounds 2m sguare is rounded off", ECHO, May 21), why was this work not integrated as the beautiful paving flags were first laid?
We have not integrated its projected performance into the just released figures'' for the Bridgestone group.
Unlike other European cities, the bus/train network is not integrated.