not intended

References in classic literature ?
I assure you, madam, that I had not intended to disclose my affection," the Engaging Gentleman humbly explained, "but the power of your beauty has overcome my discretion.
The "Old-Fashioned Girl" is not intended as a perfect model, but as a possible improvement upon [Page] the Girl of the Period, who seems sorrowfully ignorant or ashamed of the good old fashions which make woman truly beautiful and honored, and, through her, render home what it should be,-a happy place, where parents and children, brothers and sisters, learn to love and know and help one another.
It was evident that she had not intended her flight to bring her so far.
There are a few allusions to China in this book, all of which were written before I had been in China, and are not intended to be taken by the reader as geographically accurate.
He had succeeded beyond his hopes, for he had not intended that she should guess so much of the truth as she had.
It is not intended that his life shall be endangered.
My maid," said Gertrude hesitating; for she had not intended to travel so expensively.
She had not intended to go into the water; but she donned her bathing suit, and left Mademoiselle alone, seated under the shade of the children's tent.
What surprised Sola most in me was that while I could catch telepathic messages easily from others, and often when they were not intended for me, no one could read a jot from my mind under any circumstances.
I had not intended to stay more than an hour, but he insisted that I should spend the night.
He had not intended to go away next day, but he now determined to go home early in the morning.
This visit was not intended for Mr Swiveller, but for his friend and employer Mr Sampson Brass.