not legitimate

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That's not to say that there are not legitimate concerns about the way Corbyn is dealing with the most important security issue facing Britain this generation.
The Supreme Court today has rejected my case and is not reasonable, the complaint is not legitimate, so we have lost the case.
Insurance fraud can occur when one buys insurance from a person or company who is not legitimate.
And now the Russians have come in and Iran is going to send more people in, but it's also not going to work, because they are trying to support a regime that, in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people, is not legitimate," he affirmed.
Last week I said that as the migrants were already in France illegally they should be processed there and sent back if they're not legitimate refugees.
He has said the court is not legitimate, describing legal proceedings against him as part of a coup by former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in 2013.
Details of the agreement between the protesters and the company were not announced, but the company's general manager Hassan Auji later told Reuters that the workers' demands were not legitimate.
And afterwards the Scot said: "It's not legitimate.
They are not legitimate scholarly publications, and they provide minimal review of the work submitted.
I wonder if this writer is aware that Kashmir's Hurriyat Party headed by Syed Ali Shah Gilani are not legitimate representatives of the people of the state, as they have lost the only election they fought.
In many ways, the CF/CDCs became the institutional platform for local people to exercise their right and responsibilities, and at the same time embrace good governance when there was not legitimate government.
She said these "are not legitimate cultural practices'' but "serious human rights violations.