not legitimate

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But if you're not legitimate, the owners are not even Filipinos, that's not allowed]," he added.
But unless they are not legitimate, since it is not Pilipino-owned, that is illegal.
There's no such law that gives a foreign nation [the right] to consider the government not legitimate,' he said.
The expert revealed that at the present time, proxy voting is not legitimate, adding that it might become available in the future, after rooting the ground rules of democratic voting in Egypt.
Global Banking News-January 16, 2018--Indonesian central bank says cryptocurrencies are not legitimate
Raila said the repeat election was not legitimate hence their withdrawal from the contest, adding that the Wafula Chebukati-led IEBC was being controlled by Jubilee.
I consider that working as council member after decision is not legitimate.
Turkey believes that referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan region was not legitimate and cooperation between Iran and Turkey is vital for the region under such conditions," he added.
Acquisition beyond this point is not legitimate, as it takes the government beyond the role of the state.
Iraqi authorities said that the referendum was not legitimate and stressed that they would not conduct talks with the authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan on the issue of the vote.
He argued in his plea that the party was registered in the name of disqualified PM, hence it's not legitimate to use the name in the election.
The tickets are not legitimate and must be avoided.

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