not long past

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The time was not long past daybreak, and the yellow luminosity upon the horizon behind her back lighted the ridge towards which her face was set--the barrier of the vale wherein she had of late been a stranger--which she would have to climb over to reach her birthplace.
I thought about the characteristics of dill - vibrant, strong - and of a fresh almond not long past its youthful, almost jelly-like texture - sweet and full of sunshine.
1900--Of the tens of millions of buffalo that not long past roamed the sprawling plains of the U.S., perhaps 300 remain.
And not long past the hour it was five when the impressive Jon Routledge broke down the left and his low cross was met by the sliding Brobbel, who poached a welldeserved miss Dave on North Wales every Friday in Post Sport goal.
Former England international Francis became Blues youngest ever player when he made his debut not long past his 16th birthday in September 1970.
Born at the time when Superman and Austin were not long past their TV prime but were still in most boys' satchels.
For a player with such drive, it would be easy for Lukaku to be bitter at his treatment from Chelsea - after signing for PS17million from Anderlecht not long past his 18th birthday.
* SIR - There was a time, not long past, when the Conservatives had one of the best PR machines in British politics.
And not long past the Kyle of Sutherland lies the family home of the Sutherlands - Dunrobin Castle.
1 : of or characteristic of the present time or times not long past <modern machinery>
In the world's history, the days when the Church advanced its cause with the sword, are not long past. Today's reading reminds us that the seeds of fear, extremism, and violence grow well in the soil of sacred story.