not lying

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References in classic literature ?
I am certain that, shivering with cold though he was, and perhaps hungry, the poor lad was not lying.
When David tells Todd and Tony that Callum has gone to ground, he's not lying - he's now buried underneath the concrete floor of Gail's garage
THE law intern, who has alleged sexual harassment by a recently retired Supreme Court judge, says she feels humiliated and has to constantly justify that she is not lying.
I'm not lying when I say I like (the squad), and I'm not lying when I say I'm enjoying very much to work with these young people, some of them first steps in the Premier League.
The real enemy of truth, as the philosopher Harry Frankfurt argued in a bestselling 2005 book, is not lying but bullshit.
A WOMAN at the centre of the country's most highprofile deportation case said she is NOT lying about having a baby which died from female genital mutilation.
The deputies produced a copy of one such letter to prove that they were not lying about the invitation.
When Kocot writes in the poem titled "Lithium"--"I have my finger on the pulse of something / My mind is a sea that eats me, / the fidgety harmony of two trains passing"--she is not lying.
We suspect that the 13% were not lying or forgetful; rather the wording of the questionnaire did not allow them to report the real situation, that they had taken a pledge but abandoned it.
The second test again uses nurses lying or not lying about watching nature films.
NAME the artist and song and you could win a prize: Are you sure that you're mine Aren't you dating other guys Cos' you're so cheap And I'm not lying You're not worthy of my time Somebody saw you sleep around the town And I've got proof because the word's going around Entries to r.
But I am not lying or exaggerating when I tell you that when I do this, it's not what I'm thinking about.