not made certain

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Williams had not made certain that his estate was in order.
Dr Samuels is alleged to have not made certain that procedures were in place to obtain informed parental consent.
Based on that agreement, Atrium has not made certain interest payments that were due on May 11, 2009 under its credit agreement with certain lenders and GE Business Financial Services, Inc.
The Company has also not made certain principal and interest payments due during December 1999 under its 8% Subordinated Debentures.
The filing followed a recent announcement that Imagyn had not made certain scheduled interest payments on its 12-1/2% Senior Subordinated Notes and Convertible Subordinated Debentures due on April 30, 1999.
Although certain payments were due under $6 million principal amount of promissory notes given by the Company in the acquisition, for various reasons including the Company's belief that it has additional rights of indemnification, set-off and counter-claim against the seller, the Company has not made certain payments due under those promissory notes.
In accordance with the ongoing restructuring of the Company's outstanding indebtedness, and in order to avoid preferring one creditor over another and preserve cash flow for the Company's operations while the Company and its financial advisor, The Blackstone Group, are developing a restructuring plan, the Company has not made certain debt payments, including a scheduled payment of approximately US $39 million that was due on April 16, 1999 under a US $330 million credit facility and a scheduled payment of approximately US $24.
Bally (and Bally's Grand) have not made certain scheduled principal and interest payments on their public debt.