not maintain

See: disavow, disown
References in classic literature ?
Though I do not maintain positively that she understood all this distinctly; but she certainly did fully understand that I was a despicable man, and what was worse, incapable of loving her.
she said, but could not maintain herself on her toes any longer.
Do you expect to raise that giant who could not maintain himself?
How can a man be a philosopher and not maintain his vital heat by better methods than other men?
ISLAMABAD -- Describing the social media accounts attributed to Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as 'fake', the Prime Minister Office on Friday reiterated that PM Abbasi did not maintain any social media account, including twitter and facebook.
Raheel Sharif does not maintain any account on Facebook and Twitter.
This road is un-adopted so KirKlees Council do not maintain the road or footpaths.
Hilla (NINA) -- Babylon Governor, Mohammed Al Masoudi, announced that most of the projects implemented by the American Constructions Team in the province did not maintain the required levels, Al Masoudi stated to NINA correspondent.
The Eighth Circuit noted (among other matters) that the general partner did not maintain any records, the certificates of transfer were not recorded in a timely manner, the donor's testimony was evasive as to the timing of the transfers and there was a failure of after-the-fact paperwork (i.
Valentine cautioned church leaders to be careful, writing, "If they do not maintain their freedom, they cannot maintain their usefulness either to the Kingdom of God or the kingdom of men.
With passenger safety a top priority, aircraft that do not maintain their halon-based systems would eventually fail airworthiness inspections and be banned from flying to many destinations.