not met

References in classic literature ?
She wished she had not met him--at least until she had had some clearer understanding with her sister.
I presume, if you had not met me just now, we should none of us have seen you again?
They had not met anybody on the moist, red road that wound along the harbor shore.
Amidst all these calamities our provisions failed us; we had little hopes of a supply, for we found neither villages, houses, nor any trace of a human creature; and had miserably perished by thirst and hunger had we not met with some fishermen's boats, who exchanged their fish for tobacco.
PESHAWAR -- Provincial cabinet of Paramedics Class IV Association Tuesday threatened protest if their demands regarding provision of health professional allowance were not met.
Summary: Gujarat [India], October 23 (ANI): Patidar leader Dinesh Patel on Monday said Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi will meet with Hardik Patel in November, and has not met him today as has been reported.
SCOTLAND'S Justice Secretary has not met with the chief constable of the country's beleaguered police force in four months, it emerged yesterday.
The Kyrgyz government intends to dismiss tax collectors in case tax collection plan is not met.
If it's not met, Victor they haven't met our price.
Top Shiite clerics in Najaf have not met with any politicians for more than two years, criticizing the government for not fulfilling their promises to the Iraqi people.
Their final designations are: Opportunity Center, Eugene, not met; North Eugene Alternative High School, not met; Churchill Alternative High School, not met; West Lane Technical Learning Center, Elmira, not met; Marcola AllPrep Academy, not met; Marcola Early College, not met; McKenzie Elementary School, met; and Destinations Academy, Coos Bay, not met.
KABUL: Opposition candidate Abdullah Abdullah will call a boycott of Afghanistan s run-off presidential poll if a series of demands are not met by the end of Saturday, officials in his campaign team said.