not mind

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I do not mind Bedouins,--I am not afraid of them; because neither Bedouins nor ordinary Arabs have shown any disposition to harm us, but I do feel afraid of my own comrades.
The river banks were rather high, and the bridge, instead of rising, went across just level, so that in the middle, if the river was full, the water would be nearly up to the woodwork and planks; but as there were good substantial rails on each side, people did not mind it.
But here was a man who sincerely did not mind what people thought of him, and so convention had no hold on him; he was like a wrestler whose body is oiled; you could not get a grip on him; it gave him a freedom which was an outrage.
Perhaps you will not mind the trouble of saying how you learned.
We do not mind very much in what words it is told so long as it is a story.
But Cecily was such a darling that we did not mind her lack of a sense of humour.
Well, I say nothing; but to be sure it is a pity some folks had not been better born; nay, as for that matter, I should not mind it myself; but then there is not so much money; and what of that?
Time will go by and I shall not mind about this either.
He was a terrible child to manage, was Antanas, but his father did not mind that--he would watch him and smile to himself with satisfaction.
I am so conscious of being only a nonentity in your eyes that you need not mind accepting money from me.
Catherine accepted this kindness with gratitude, and they continued as they were for three minutes longer, when Isabella, who had been talking to James on the other side of her, turned again to his sister and whispered, "My dear creature, I am afraid I must leave you, your brother is so amazingly impatient to begin; I know you will not mind my going away, and I dare say John will be back in a moment, and then you may easily find me out.
He did not mind her faults of person or of character, he thought he loved them too: at all events they meant nothing to him.