not narrow-minded

See: liberal
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I am not narrow-minded and I will not be affected by what happened.
We are certainly not narrow-minded, but how can such huge numbers of people think that this is the way to enjoy themselves?
No one said not to be religious, but promote the religious ideals that make Muslims better people - not narrow-minded and intolerant people.
There's a good mix of people - not narrow-minded at all, but a really liberal community, old and new.
Not narrow-minded bigots like Dr Warson and S Goodman.
These children have possibly come from broken homes, are unwanted, maybe by their family, have learning or behaviour problems and need stability, understanding and love, not narrow-minded people stopping them having a chance at a life which we all take for granted.
They will not deserve the name Bank of Scotland - because the majority of Scots are not narrow-minded and intolerant.
They were not narrow-minded liberals living in a fantasy world.