not native

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They were animals, then, and not natives, who had made the inroad, for surely the latter would have left nothing behind.
Which of the following creatures is NOT native to Australia?
Hungry pests" are invasive animals, plants or diseases that are not native to the United States and have no natural predators.
BRIAN replies: With species not native to the UK, most issues relate to environment.
Ambassador Badr Abdul-Ati, spokesperson for the foreign ministry, warned in the statement against the rising ugly face of terrorism in the region, saying that terrorism has no basis in any religion and is not native to any particular land.
The president noted that several regions are not developing their regional potential but instead are trying to promote commodities that are not native to their regions.
What also made this fundraiser one of a kind is that the pond was specially stocked with rainbow trout, which are not native to Mississippi because they require cold temperatures to survive.
While the classical world were aware of the Celts, they were thought of as being a European continental culture, and not native to these islands.
The second is not native and entails high cost and inferior user experience.
Eagle owls are not native to Scotland and it is thought it may have escaped from a bird sanctuary or private owner.
While it is not native to the UK the Kiwi fruit can be grown with ease in our climate.
Michael Russell, who is not Native American, and Robert Soto, a member of an unrecognized tribe who is also pastor at a church in.