not native

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They were animals, then, and not natives, who had made the inroad, for surely the latter would have left nothing behind.
I hope this is a way to start celebrating our Latino culture and hopefully creating awareness for students who are not native to Latino culture.
An invasive species is a plant, animal, bird or microorganism that is not native to an area but is introduced into the ecosystem by humans.
English most certainly is not native to this country and is foreign to this land.
Asserting that Rohingyas are not native to Myanmar, Hlaing said they are merely returning to their motherland.
This bibliography lists and annotates sources about Maryland or by Marylanders during the Civil War, including impressions and observations during the war by individuals not native to the state, as well as sources about Maryland participants in LincolnAEs assassination and BoothAEs escape through the state.
The Bengal tiger is not native to Iran and the first suspicion was that it had escaped from the city zoo.
Most of the trees in Madiwala lake are not native species.
Because it's a huntsman, it's not native to this country, so we can't release the spider anywhere in Scotland.
Also on the menu tonight is chicken and leek suet pudding and Scotch eggs, plus the duo discover how and when chickens, which are are not native to Britain, first arrived on these shores.
In fact, King Louie himself is not native to Rudyard Kipling's original stories.
The problem is that, if you break out the rates via geographic area, you see that it is not Native vs.