not naturalized

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As a member of the national team from 2009 to 2011, Slaughter played as a local player - and not naturalized - in different international tournaments, including the FIBA-sanctioned events like Asia Champions Cup and Stankovic Continental Champions Cup.
This is why foreigners who have not naturalized still cannot vote in national elections.
Refugees from Gaza to Jordan, for instance, were not naturalized like their West Bank counterparts, meaning they can pass on neither Jordanian nor Palestinian citizenship.
The moment we say foundlings are not naturalized or that they are stateless, repercussions will be across the entire sector, Sereno said.
There may be hope, though, for the foreign-born veteran who has not naturalized and who does not have a serious criminal history.
Norwood and Dillinger, who both entered the PBA in 2008 and have been residents of the Philippines, will be cleared since both are also not naturalized citizens.
Of these, 366 (47%) are not naturalized in California and therefore fit our focus on potential new invaders.
The Swiss revoke the citizenship and expel anyone who has committed a serious crime and who is not naturalized Swiss.
Illegal aliens must be deported, not naturalized. The national interest, not special interests--whether Big Business or liberal multiculturalism--must drive immigration policy.
A total of 54.9% of Vietnamese were married and 23.9% were natural citizens, the Census Bureau reports, while 44% were foreign born but naturalized citizens, and 32.1% were foreign born but not naturalized citizens.
common), "high, big," sa:pi:ra "nice," xa:muysa "sour," cpi:na "hungry." Borrowed adjectives, such as sa:g, if not naturalized (e.g., zarda "yellow"), ignore agreement in number and gender.
"Anyone not naturalized before 31 March, 1902, was included in this disenfranchisement." [17]