not nearby

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If you're not nearby, perhaps a phone or Skype conference would do.
A pity someone is not nearby. But you can't change that.
It is not known what would have ended if the patrol of the Military Service of Law and order was not nearby.
You will not miss any important news, calls or notifications even if the phone is not nearby.
"I need to be close to the entrance, my emergency equipment is in the car and I wouldn't find it possible to get to the car if I was having an attack and it was not nearby."
Noting the need of an Epipen or other needle-given medications in the emergency preparedness kit can be a life saver, especially if the caregiver is not nearby or able to speak.
But even in more rural areas, where distances are long, where public transport is not nearby and where private motoring has more road space and less stress, there is a downturn through things like online shopping.
The same sources disclosed that Apple is figuring out a way to increase the range of AirPods when the wireless earbuds are not nearby an iPhone or iPad.
Hazel added: "This dog is always off its lead and the owner was not nearby at the time and had no control over it.
You can always hunt other spots (not nearby) until then.
And if your bank is not nearby, consider your options and switch to another one that's closer to you.
But a department of fisheries official said it would be costly and complicated to send an icebreaker — since the machines are being used extensively and are not nearby. And even if one is sent, it may not arrive in time.