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His mother and family were not nearby, so we took him in as he was all alone.
Users can now make calls on other devices even when not nearby, a feature called Integrated Calling.
The improvements in telescopes allowed astronomers to realise that galaxies were not nearby gas clouds but were really far distant galaxies.
Hazel added: "This dog is always off its lead and the owner was not nearby at the time and had no control over it.
But a department of fisheries official said it would be costly and complicated to send an icebreaker — since the machines are being used extensively and are not nearby.
I would get a muzzle for her and introduce it when she is calm, and the other dog is not nearby.
The non-emergency number for police is 101 and should be used where there is no immediate danger to life, a crime is not in progress or an offender is not nearby, or if you have a general enquiry.
It's not yet clear whether the magnetic field could be directed with such finesse and specificity that it would kill only tumor cells and not nearby healthy cells.
They are able to time a strike when innocents are not nearby and can even divert a missile after firing if, say, a child wanders into range.
HOW FAMILIES CAN HELP Open up to your family: Talk to your family if you have financial worries Break down your financial challenges: It will help you identify where you need help Think of little things your family could do to help: Picking-up the children, doing your ironing, it will all help Consider external groups: Draw on local community groups and other support networks if your family are not nearby Remember you are not alone: the research shows the majority of families are finding life harder ?
That is especially true if the acquiring hospital wants to have its physicians practicing adjacent to the hospital or in dose proximity, but the physician group being acquired leases space that is not nearby, Burger says.
Ruth Walker, executive director of nursing for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, said: "It appears well-meaning staff have looked for ways to allow patients to make better use of the day room as part of their recovery and provide a way of calling for help when physio or other staff are not nearby.