not necessitated

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I would oppose any sculpture on the beach, or anything permanent not necessitated by safety/ conservations.
A: Section 3 of the Master Deed provides that all maintenance of and repairs of any Unit (other than the maintenance of and repairs to any of the Common Areas contained therein not necessitated by the act or negligence of the owner, tenant or occupant of such Unit) shall be made [by], and at the expense of, the owner of such unit.
Convening a Loya Jirga sounded like a right approach to build consensus although not necessitated by the Constitution.
Global Banking News-September 27, 2013--Speculation on aid to Slovenia not necessitated, says PM(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
He blasted IATA officials for succumbing to Washington's pressures and obeying the US domestic laws, and said IATA is a non-governmental union which has been founded on the members' money and it is not necessitated to comply with the US sanctions laws against Iran.
The deal would have been extended had the sale of Shay Given to Manchester City not necessitated his return.
This withdrawal is not necessitated by any safety, purity, or quality concerns with the product but rather is consistent with a contract agreement between CDC and Wyeth.
The change has not necessitated in us seeking extra funding.
So while decisions may be enabled by motives, they are not necessitated by them.
We do not intend to withdraw from the IAEA or the NPT, yet, we are not necessitated to continue our cooperation beyond the framework of our existing undertakings either," the spokesman added.