not nervous

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I'm not nervous this time," said the Story Girl, "but the first time I recited I was.
No, papa, I'm not nervous," said Eva, controlling herself, suddenly, with a strength of resolution singular in such a child.
You are not nervous sleeping alone, I hope," I said hastily.
Hopefully I have some nervous energy myself by Saturday night because at the moment I'm not nervous at all.
Never believe that someone becomes a huge star and they are not nervous, because everybody is" - James Bond star Naomie Harris.
I'd feel nervous on a beach in a bikini, but I'm not nervous in underwear as Tracey it's not me.
LOS ANGELES -- Pharrell Williams says he's not nervous about Friday's Grammy nominations, but he's definitely excited to see how it plays out.
Cowell, who insisted he's not nervous about fatherhood, said he will "never" change a nappy, adding that he would definitely like his child to speak with a British accent.
I'm always a little more concerned when I'm not nervous.
I am not nervous yet but the nerves will hit just before I get on stage.
If you are not nervous at all you should not be in broadcasting.
Betty said: "I did my first skydive five years ago and absolutely loved it, so I'm not nervous at all.