not objectionable

See: allowable
References in classic literature ?
Allen's head, but that he was not objectionable as a common acquaintance for his young charge he was on inquiry satisfied; for he had early in the evening taken pains to know who her partner was, and had been assured of Mr.
This procedure was not objectionable to Jacob; on the contrary, the guineas clinked so pleasantly as they fell, that he wished for a repetition of the sound, and seizing the box, began to rattle it very gleefully.
This training is, of course, not objectionable per se.
The guard told the woman that she is not wearing a dupatta, to which she responded that her attire is not objectionable in the least.
She will then be in a position to pick up the pieces, a unifying figure not objectionable to Trump cultists or to the flock of Republicans who, when things go downhill, will claim they opposed Trump all along.
This is not objectionable in and of itself, of course, as any development work must conform to the local laws and not be a cover for anything other than the stated objectives.
"Hence, a morally illiterate person may think, speak, and behave in morally questionable, if not objectionable, ways.
In the Hadith found in the books of Al Imam Tirmidhi, Ibn Maja, Baiyhaqi and others, the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said: "The servant will not be among the pious until he gives up things that are objectionable for things that are not objectionable and harmful".
Of course, mathematically, this spelling is not objectionable.
But BJP leaders would then argue that stalling Parliament's proceedings was a way of making one's views known to the public and was, therefore, not objectionable.
The fact that there may be neonatal and infant benefit as well is certainly not objectionable, especially since flu vaccine is not recommended for infants less than 6 months of age.
If the amount of privacy being forfeited is not objectionable, the transaction is consummated.