not obscure

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The short winter day, as I perceived from the far-declined sun, was already approaching its close; a chill frost-mist was rising from the river on which X stands, and along whose banks the road I had taken lay; it dimmed the earth, but did not obscure the clear icy blue of the January sky.
Councillor Mikulin was one of those powerful officials who, in a position not obscure, not occult, but simply inconspicuous, exercise a great influence over the methods rather than over the conduct of affairs.
Washington: IMF Economic Counsellor and Director of Research Maurice Obstfeld said the current cyclical upswing should not obscure the widespread and persistent productivity slowdown we have seen across advanced, emerging, and low-income countries alike since the global financial crisis (GFC).
The pictures follow Van Gogh's biographical narrative and for every print two or three little notes highlight but do not obscure aspects of the painting.
He said that while MIT is 'the nucleus of an unrivaled innovation ecosystem' its dominance 'should not obscure a changing landscape elsewhere, with other US and UK institutions making way for the best of Russia, China and India - among others.
That more African-American men die in shootings by other African-American men does not obscure or minimise their continued shooting by police.
The device features a built-in deployed endometrial sampling brush, a low profile malleable insertion catheter, a repositionable cervical sealing mechanism for uterine distension designed to not obscure the lower uterine segment, and a 50-cc refillable fluid injection bag.
However, that should not obscure the fact that when Robinson did play Blues beat Brentford, QPR, Leeds and Bolton and kept three clean sheets.
If we want to attract visitors back to Whitley Bay, we need to celebrate, and not obscure, our natural resources.
That we Americans, at the remove of a century-and-a-half, still vigorously debate the causes and course of our Civil War should not obscure or stain the character of those who served with honor and courage.
WHILE it has been very useful to have the recent debate on nuclear power safety, this must not obscure other key issues.
Plans, originally submitted in 2009 were approved on the basis the transparent upper floor would not obscure the view of nearby St Barnabas's church.