not occupied

See: vacant
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He was not occupied with the question of what to sacrifice for; the fact of sacrificing in itself afforded him a new and joyous sensation.
It was chiefly at night, when he was not occupied in his loom, that he fell into this repetition of an act for which he could have assigned no definite purpose, and which can hardly be understood except by those who have undergone a bewildering separation from a supremely loved object.
That great position is not occupied by yourself alone, but by--ha--by me, and--ha hum--by us.
To complete the deception, an extra plate was laid, and when we sat down to table one chair was not occupied.
Tonight she asks to sleep in your empty house--a house which you do not care about, and which you have not occupied for over a year.
On getting into this vehicle we were fortunate enough to find the fourth inside place not occupied.
If, in the progress of revolving years, I could persuade myself that my blighted destiny had been a warning to you, I should feel that I had not occupied another man's place in existence altogether in vain.
During my last year at Hampton every minute of my time that was not occupied with my duties as janitor was devoted to hard study.
the internal works will be carried out in phase two during the summer when the school is not occupied.
CPO Abbasi said the sites cleared of encroachments should be monitored so they are not occupied again.
MANILA, Philippines The Chinese have not occupied or fortified new areas in the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said, downplaying a report released by a Washington-based think tank.
Owner conducts a weekly visit to each home when not occupied to assure everything is in good order.